Feb 112014

By Rosita Herrick, Director, Sarasota PCUG, FL
October 2013 issue, PC Monitor
editor (at) spcug.org

Using the version of 8.1 that was made available for testing, I can state that the improvements make access easier. As I mentioned last month, grouping like apps on the Start Screen makes for faster access even of desktop applications.

When you click on the search charm, the search box shows by itself and the default is a search of the C: drive. The results are displayed below the search box so it is easier to click on the found App.

You will notice that next to the word Everywhere there is a down pointing arrow. If you click on it, You get the choice of searching Everywhere, Settings, and Files.

Windows 8.1 Search-1Windows 8.1 Search-2

Another improvement is the capability to display all the Apps and Programs easily from the Start Screen. Notice below the arrow at the lower left, clicking on it will display all Apps and Programs in alphabetical order. All items can be grouped to make it easier to personalize the screen.

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