Feb 112014

By Mike Lyons, ORCOPUG President
October 2013 issue, Nibbles & Bits
editor (at) orcopug.org

It’s been quite a while since I mentioned one of the best photo education sites on the web — Strobist.com.

Started in March 2006, David Hobby created a lighting tutorial to help beginning photo students learn flash photography with a minimum of equipment. What is really cool is he explains in understandable terms and gives you his thoughts behind the instructions.

Between 2006 and 2013, David learned a lot about lighting and how to do things better. In addition, lighting equipment and lighting styles have evolved.

David has just completed a rewrite of Lighting 101, called Lighting 102. If you haven’t read Lighting 101, I’d start there and move onto Lighting 102 (although you don’t have to).

He also has a bunch of behind the scene shots with his thought process included. It’s another great resource on the site.

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