Jun 202018

In this edition of NOOZ:

  1. May 5 VTC Video Links
  2. Another New Column on APCUG2.org
  3. August 18 VTC
  4. Social Media

1. May 5 VTC Video Links

Create a Smart Home with Home Automation & Voice Assistants
Joe Melfi, Strategic Technical Marketing Engineer

Synchronizing Your PC, a Guide to…..
Bill James, VP, Computer Club of Oklahoma City; APCUG Advisor, Region 8

Teaching Technology Topics to Seniors
Ray Baxter, Payson Computer Meet-Up Club, APCUG Treasurer

What’s new in the Spring Windows 10 update?
Jere Minich, Program Chair, Lake-Sumter Computer Society

What’s new with Ubuntu?
Orv Beach, Training Chair, Southern California Linux expo – SCALE

Write and Publish Your eBook on Amazon Kindle… for Free
Bill Neves, Member, Silvercom Computer & Technology Club


  1. Another New Column on apcug2.org – John Kennedy suggested a Linux column and, thanks to John, it happened. Since we are a tech organization, Judy Taylour thought we should also have a Chromebook column and reached out to several Chromebook users. Ron Brown, Program Coordinator for the Silvercom Technology & Computer Club, volunteered to send her articles. Annette van Ommeren (the person who put the website together and does the programming) created a graphic and the column was launched with 13 articles. If you love Chromebooks or are thinking of buying one, check it out.


  1. August 18 is the date for the Summer VTC!

Presentations scheduled to date:

  • Digital Afterlife, Phil Bock
  • Hate on the Internet, Rick Eaton
  • Linux and the ham radio “Internet,” Orv Beach
  • Apple and Tech Tips on APCUG’s Website, Jere Minich
  • What’s New with Chromebooks in 2018, Ron Brown
  1. Social Media

Does your group have a presence on social media? Can visitors to your website easily find the link(s) to your Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, YouTube, or Instagram pages?

Has your group liked APCUG’s page? Have you let your members know APCUG is on Facebook and that we encourage them to like the page? Lots of great information and tips posted regularly. (https://www.facebook.com/APCUG/)

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