The Linux forum meets every month (except July and August) on the Wednesday following the general meeting at 7 p.m.

Note that the meeting date is not fixed to the third or fourth Wednesday of the month; the exact Wednesday depends on when the general meeting is held. If the general meeting moves (as it usually does in December), the Linux forum moves as well.

Check the main announcements page for details of the upcoming Linux forum.

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  1. Hello Brian;
    In the near future planning on getting a Raspberry Pi to start playing around with some sensors
    and remote cameras. After learning how its OS works (Raspian – a Linux distro I believe) will then move
    on to tinkering with an Andrunio to semi automate a home brewed process control system. I think this uses
    Python to program in and monitor sensors , control GPIO pins etc. Since I have never programmed in Linux
    (other than usung C+ many years ago) would I learn anything by coming to the Linux forum OR is there anyone else playing around with either of these at the WPCUG ? Got a heads up on these devices from
    the boys down at (a maker space). Thanks. All the best. BSC

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