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Our Winnipeg PC User Group Members

If you are a group member in good standing, or if you wish to become so, please contact our Membership Secretary to be granted full access to the site. Thank you.

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  9 Responses to “Our Members”

  1. Yes, there is a freight elevator at the back of the building, but I do not know what the entrance is like. I will pass your request on to Paul.

  2. I have been ill for a while and now seem to be getting better.
    I want to make it to one of your meetings, and re-new my membership.

    Is there an elevator to get up to the meeting room?

    Tom Howard

  3. OK, We have some tags with the names of MEMBERS, but no actual pictures.
    The ones with no pictures should be removed until we DO have their picture.

  4. You can upload a picture of yourself by going into the dashboard, selecting the media button on the left and clicking add new.
    When you have uploaded it, I will add it to the page’s table.

  5. Please, how do I upload a picture of myself to this page?
    Thank you.

  6. I would HOPE that we would be able to get ALL the pictures of the EXECUTIVE up on the website, at the very least. Then encourage the rest of the membership to follow.

  7. After another SUCCESSFUL picnic today, I hope we can get some more pictures of MEMBERS up onto our site, PLEASE.

  8. …still waiting for the pics from Bill.

  9. A handsomer group of men I have never seen

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