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N.S. says province is close to broadband for all

The government of Nova Scotia says it is close to providing high-speed, broadband Internet service to any customer in the province who wants it.

Ian Thompson, deputy minister of Economic and Rural Development, told a legislature committee on Wednesday that there’s now a waiting list of just 600 customers who’ve asked for the service.


He also said that the province is going to stay within its $19.5-million budget to help two telecom companies build a wireless network that can reach every residence or business in a province of rolling hills and deep valleys.


The project, which started in 2007, had originally aimed for completion by the end of 2009, but Thompson said that deadline was too ambitious due to the terrain and unexpected technical glitches.


Shaw Town Hall Meetings

Well Shaw appears to proven me correct. Their Town Hall Meetings were a smokescreen a way to placate their angry customers about UBB. During an April 13th earnings call with stock analysts :


Bradley Shaw, CEO: “We’re going to win it through a broadband leadership strategy in being the leading Internet provider in our market and so that we just recently went through some usage based billing consultations throughout our country in 34 related markets, meeting with our customers and while they weren’t all delighted with some of the things that we have done around the Internet, I can tell you that there wasn’t any of them that were willing to consider leaving us in terms of going to a Telco competitor for the Internet.

– Shaw management tells analysts that the result of their “consultations” with customers is that Shaw has apparently been overwhelmingly told by customers that they are willing to pay more for internet service, if they use the internet more. “A win-win for our shareholders as well as our customers.”

– “Not one of the customers that came to these consultations said that if you charge more we will leave for a ‘lesser performing’ internet service.”

– “Our customers have said we are prepared to pay more for a higher value of service.”

– “More formal announcements on UBB at end of May early June.”

For an audio recording of the segment from their April 13,2011 earnings call with analysts as well as a written transcripts please see:



Research In Motion’s Ltd.’s much-anticipated tablet computer hit stores Tuesday, with few lineups and little of the consumer fanfare that accompanied the launch of its chief rival’s products, as the company works out software bugs in order to improve the device.


Indeed, there was more evidence on launch day of just how feverishly RIM has been working to get the PlayBook’s features ready.

One of the key selling points of the device is the fact that people can use it in conjunction with their BlackBerry smart phones, accessing functions such as e-mail and calendar on the larger screen. Doing so requires a software application called the BlackBerry Bridge. But some customers in the U.S. and Canada complained that they could not get it.

Some speculated that AT&T Inc., the No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier, was refusing to allow the application because it could be used to surf the Web on a PlayBook using a BlackBerry data plan without paying the carrier an extra fee. However, AT&T said RIM had sent over the software only recently, and the company was still testing it to make sure it worked properly.


Tablet Showdown: PlayBook v. iPad 2 v. Xoom – The Globe and Mail –


Amazon EC2  outage

In early morning of April 21st Amazon’s EC2 data storage service suffered a database problem in their Virginia centre. Several companies host their website’s databases on the Amazon cloud due to its reliability. However this outage was in its second day during which time these sites/services were usable.  Amazon is slowly restoring this information from backups which means any changes made since the backup was done is lost!

Amazon outage sparks frustration, doubts about cloud – Computerworld –


Elections Canada

Elections Canada prohibits announcing results on social media! Elections Canada is continuing their 70 year old law prohibiting anyone from transmitting elections results across Canada’s time zones. Violations are subject to a maximum fine of $25,000


Khan Academy

Thousands of free on line lessons



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